How To Future Proof Your Solar Installation?

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How To Future Proof Your Solar Installation?

Since the solar panels can easily last for more than two decades, the people who tend to invest in solar panel systems for home are generally forward-looking. For people who are interested to install advancing solar storage, it is worthwhile to think about more than just the solar panels you want to install on the property. There are certain ways to set up the solar panel system in a way that it is future-proofed at least in the coming three decades.

How can you future-proof the solar installation?

When you are determined to go solar, it is not sufficient to just think about the past and the present usage of electricity. You need to consider each way that can impact your habits to change in the future. It is also necessary to know the types of solar-adjacent tech, you might be interested to purchase later on.

For instance, if you are planning to switch the heating from fuel-based energy to electric-based energy, your consumption of electricity will likely increase in the future. Similarly, if you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle in the future, then you should also know that you would be increasing your electricity usage as well. Therefore, considering the potential changes in your electricity consumption, it is wise to buy a larger solar panel system today.

Additional loads and Solar power

The most ideal way to ensure that the solar panel system is meeting your expectations regarding your bill savings is to be very intentional about your system sizing. There are a number of ways in which your consumption of electricity could change tomorrow, but there are two extremely common causes that significantly increase your electricity consumption, the electrification of your transport and the heating and cooling mechanisms.

Ready to go solar and electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are getting widely popular in the country. Mostly because of the target, such as California’s to be transitioned away from the vehicles powered by gasoline. It is anticipated that 2035 will see a complete adoption of electric vehicles and it is highly likely that the next car you will buy will be an electric vehicle.

You should keep in mind a couple of things before investing in future-proofing of your solar panels to install Electric Vehicles. The first thing is to know the amount of electricity you will require and the second thing is understanding how you would be connecting an Electronic Vehicle to your existing solar setup.

Unlike the first question that only requires effective guidelines on how many solar panels are needed to charge your electronic vehicle, the later question poses a bit trickier situation. When you are getting an Electronic Vehicle and a charger for an electronic vehicle, you will be required to hire an electrician to come to your home and wire the system appropriately. Our inverter manufacturer offers a hybrid solar inverter-EV charger and our new Energy Hub can easily integrate and an EV charger to provide power to your car right from the sun!

Cooling ready solar and Clean heating

If you are thinking of switching from a fuel-based heating system to a system of electrified heating for your home, then analyze how you can future-proof your solar install. The main thing that needs your consideration is determining how much more electricity you will use after you are no more dependent on natural gas and oil to heat your home.
As the rule of thumb suggests, the heat pump needs as much electricity to heat your living space during winters as your air conditioner requires to cool your home during the summers.


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