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Residential Solar Panels Oklahoma

Investing in residential solar power systems is one of the easiest ways to save money, improve the value of your home, shield yourself from potential energy spikes, and benefit the environment by converting to renewable energy.

Benefits of Residential Solar Panel Systems on Your Home

At USA Solar Power, we provide durable, high-performance residential solar panels for your home. Continue reading to know how our home solar systems help thousands of homeowners around the country and save dollars on their energy consumption bills. Adding residential solar panel systems to the home has numerous environmental and financial benefits. From your reducing your electricity bill to lowering your reliance on grid energy, here's how you can possibly profit from solar panels in your home:

Reduces Your Electricity Bill

Installing a residential solar panel system could significantly cut down your electricity bill by encouraging you to generate your energy exclusively from the Sun. Since you are effectively generating your fuel, solar could lower the amount of power you buy from energy providers and help you save thousands of energy life cycle costs of your solar panel system for homes.

Own Your Power

Solar panel system for home empowers you to derive your electricity right from the sun and transform it into the usable power that can be consumed 24/7, 365 days a year. You're no longer borrowing electricity from the grid. Instead, the solar panel system for home will work to ensure that you have utter and complete access to renewable electricity, as well as to help you prevent sudden spikes in the bill from utility providers.

Protection Against Power Outages

Home solar panel systems help you escape unintended grid problems with conventional electricity since residential solar systems produce energy. When you borrow your electricity from an electrical utility provider, you're at the risk of a possible outage at any point. With solar panels, you do not have to go through this. We also provide great battery backups that let you store all the excess solar energy that you don't need at a particular moment.

Enhance The Look Of Your Home

We offer American-made residential solar systems with all-black, sleek aesthetics to effortlessly blend the roof. Built to withstand anything from heavy winds and rain to high temperatures and snowstorms, the panels will not only look fantastic, but they will work in any atmosphere, at any location.

Types of Residential Solutions

There are 3 Main Types of Residential Solutions available and offered to our residential clients:

Solar Off-Grid Solutions

An off-grid system has several different features as well. This type of solar electric system is not connected to the electrical grid. Instead, it relies on batteries to store the electricity generated by the solar panels for use when the system is not generating enough to sustain household functions.

Solar Grid-Tied Solutions

Solar grid-tied systems, as the name suggests, are always connected to the grid. The purpose of a grid-tied system is to feed energy to the main distribution panel of your premises, regardless of the load being operated by the end-user.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid solar power systems are similar to off-grid (AC) solar power systems but have the additional feature of grid input functionality, which makes it ideal for residential and commercial clients in peri-urban/urban locations where grid access is available.

solar hybrid

Residential solar panels installation process

In order to make sure that you get a flawless solar panel experience, we have listed below the steps that need to be followed:

  • Ask for a free quote: We will ask a short chain of questions to analyze your needs for solar panels and schedule a time to visit your home.
  • Schedule a consultation for free: Upon the visit, our professional consultants will analyze your home exposure to the direct sunlight and click a couple of photos as proof for the site visit. According to the analysis and the energy consumption, we will provide you a proposal developed as per your needs.
  • Pick your installation date: In a matter of no time, we will get the residential solar panel system installed in your home.

How do solar panels operate for homes?

Solar systems for homes operate by gathering the sun’s energy and transforming it into useful power for your house. Any leftover energy from your modules will float back to your pressure gauge to cover the expense of your next electrical bill.

How many solar panels are required in a home?

The number of solar panels you need in your solar panel system for your home to fuel up depends on a number of factors. Factors like the existing electricity bill, the height of your roof, and proximity to sunshine, all decide how many panels are going to help you save money. Simply put, solar isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are some of the main criteria that we use to determine the scale of the system:

  • Your usage of energy
  • The size of the house
  • The number of hours during which your roof gets complete and direct sunlight exposure.

How much can a home solar panel system cost?

The total cost of the solar panels systems for home ranges from property to property since each home absorbs varying electricity quantities. Depending on how much electricity you use per month, you may need more panels to see substantial savings.

Cut down on the long electricity bills by taking help from the technology. Why pay additional dollars for electricity when you can produce your energy at home for free? Start saving your money with the energy solutions offered by USA Solar Power.

Our years of expertise and innovative features make us stand out from the competition. Trust us with your energy problems.

You can also check out our customer reviews to be confident about your services. After knowing all these advantages of residential solar systems, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us now!

We use LG Solar Products

LG Solar gives you the power to choose. Whether you’re looking to add to your existing system or maximize your solar output, all of our reliable modules are backed by one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry.

Solar MicroInvertors

seventh-generation microinverters are powered by our unique software-defined architecture, offering an efficient design with a single hardware SKU worldwide. 

A few of our recent projects

At USA Solar Power, we understand the business requirement for a single point of contact to manage and maintain your contract, and we are experienced at delivering a complete service where each step is known, planned for and advised in advance, so that little or no disruption is caused to your operations. We are fully aware that quality and price will be the main drivers in your decision making process.

Why USA Solar Power?

With USA Solar Power you'll have a seamless solar experience resulting from our innovation and leadership in the industry. Our expertise in project development, design, financing, construction, grid connection and operations means your solar project will not only meet your individual requirements - it will also be done right.

Experience uncompromised performance with solar solutions that deliver the most energy, predictable savings and dependable results. Our broad portfolio means more choice and a better fit for your needs, and our leadership in new energy solutions like energy storage will help maximize your solar investment.

We'll partner with you from project inception through commissioning and ongoing operation. We have the highest safety standards in the industry and are committed to the communities in which we work - as well as those we serve. Let us show you why top brands and prestigious institutions choose USA Solar Power as their solar provider again and again.

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