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Why should you always let a professional install solar panels for you?

Solar Power

Why should you always let a professional install solar panels for you?

Installing solar power systems on the roofs of your home, office, or any other settlement is not something you should do without any experience. It takes expertise to lift and arrange unwieldy solar panels. Other than that, the possibility of falling off many-stories rooftops and coming in contact with the already heated-up surface of the panels are serious hazards that one might face if they try to do the job of professionals themselves. Solar workers have years of experience in the concerned field and are well-versed in dealing with the risks of traditional carpentry, roofing, and electrical trades. 


Belonging to the most injury-prone occupations, solar panel installers can carry out the responsibility of installing your solar storage systems with safe and secure techniques. 


How do professionals successfully install solar panel systems for you? 


#1 Analyze the worksite 


Every two worksites will be different from each other in many ways. Before professionals install your solar panel, the team will visit the site. They will conduct an onsite inspection and identify the safety risks. With an approach like this, they can develop a specific strategy to address the possible risks in a productive way. The plans that they may come up with might include: 


  • Arrangement of equipment for safe handling and lifting of solar panels and solar power battery systems. 
  • Arrangement of different types and sizes of ladders and scaffolding that might come in handy. 
  • Arrangement of fall protection for rooftop work. 
  • Arrangement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all the members of the team. 
  • Arrangement of proper inspection for all the equipment used for safe installation. 
  • Arrangement of verified parts like solar battery storage systems.  


Furthermore, it is the team’s responsibility to make sure that everything is in good working order. Therefore, you will not have to worry about anything. 


#2 Strategic lifting and handling of equipment 


Solar panels are significant in size, hence, they can be heavy and challenging to lift and carry. If you try loading and unloading solar panels from trucks and onto roofs, it can cause sprains, strains, muscle pulls, and back injuries that can damage and stress the spine. On the other hand, solar panels heat up quickly when they are exposed to sunlight, so if one does not know how to handle them in a safe manner, they can incur burns and other such injuries. 


However, if you call a professional company to install your solar panel systems, they will make sure to implement the following with utmost responsibility. 


  1. Lifting solar panels with the help of a team that will surely contain two or more people. 
  2. Safe transportation of solar panels onto and around the installation site using mobile forklifts and carts. 
  3. Professionals avoid climbing ladders while carrying solar panels. To get the solar power systems onto rooftops, they use cranes, winch systems, and hoists. 
  4. To avoid heat buildup, the solar panels are covered with an opaque sheet after unpacking them. 
  5. To prevent wounds of any kind, expert installers will always wear gloves when installing your solar panels. 


#3 Ensuring ladder safety 


Solar construction majorly involves working on roofs. For that, there is a great need for ladders. An ideal ladder is one that caters to your need for access. According to the shape of your roof, you can use straight or extension ladders. Other than that, you have to make sure that you select a sturdy material that will not break when it is subjected to heavyweight. 


These aforementioned reasons are enough to convince any sane homeowner to install solar panels in their homes with the help of professional help. If you are in the search for a professional solar panel installation service, check out USA Solar Power.

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