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Bespoke Solar Mounting At Family Home


When Jon Vanham was considering how to fix his family’s electricity costs at their farmhouse in Rempstone; and reduce their environmental impact; he found that solar PV was the perfect solution.

With plans to convert the loft in the future, Jon wanted a solar PV solution that wouldn’t limit future renovation work and needed an alternative to roof-mounted panels. Jon’s plan was to fix a bespoke frame on top of a shipping container that already made up the outbuildings at the equestrian property; and he hired trusted local renewable energy experts, Geo Green Power, to deliver his system.

With 10 years of experience, and a number of bespoke projects in their portfolio, Geo Green Power were the perfect partner for his unique installation. Jon’s purpose-built frame was able to support a 4.9kW solar PV system, comprising of 16 panels, which is now producing around 4,170kWh of electricity and saving 1.2 tonnes of CO2 every year. Over the summer months Jon and his family enjoy around 10 hours of free solar energy every day.
Jon said: “The standard of the install was superb. Everyone at the Geo Green Power team, from surveyors to installers and office staff, were a pleasure to deal with. I’m really pleased with my new installation, and I’m seeing a very good return on my initial investment and my impact on the environment.”

Jon set out to fix the family’s electricity costs, and the new solar PV system has halved their summer bills. It’s also making money as any electricity that the family don’t use is being exported back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee.

“The standard of the install was superb.”
Impressed with their solar PV system, the Vanham family’s green energy journey isn’t over yet. Jon is looking into a battery storage system so they can use all of the solar energy they generate and reduce their electricity bill yet again. And he’s investigating a ground source heat pump to replace their current gas fired heating and limit the family’s environmental impact even further in the future.



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