How to Reduce the Safety Risks in the Installation of Solar Panel Systems

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How to Reduce the Safety Risks in the Installation of Solar Panel Systems

The installation of solar panel systems can come at a risk. In fact, the task requires professional and experienced individuals, who can execute laborious tasks, such as lifting and arranging the heavy-weighed panels.  

There are numerous risks involved in the process, such as the probability of falls, overheating of solar panels, as well as the risks for electrocutions. 

Taking that into consideration, the individual or service provider4 working to install the solar panel system must be OSHA certified (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). OSHA makes it mandatory for employers to ensure that all workers on the field are well-versed in the safety training and protection. 

Taking this into account, it is essential to hire a service provider that takes all the security risks into consideration to prevent any injury or issue in the installation process.  

Solar Energy: Safety Risks and How to Prevent Them

Installing solar systems is a risky business. Lifting and arranging unwieldy solar panels, the potential for falls off many-storied rooftops, panels that heat up as soon as they’re uncovered – these are some of the serious hazards that solar workers face. They’re also subject to the risks of traditional roofing, carpentry and electrical trades – some of the most injury-prone occupations around.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to implement safety training and protection for their employees. Many solar installation companies have taken OSHA’s requirements a step farther, creating manuals of their own that detail the specific measures they require to manage solar energy safely.

Safety issues are common for solar installations, but proactively putting preventive measures in place can help mitigate on-the-job injuries.

The following guide elaborates on the common risks involved in solar panel installation, as well as ways to overcome it. 

Lifting Solar Panels  

Essentially, solar panels are heavy-weighted objects. Therefore, carrying them manually is not a one-person job. As a result, the loading and unloading of this equipment from vehicles can be a tough task. Mishandling can lead to several injuries, which may include strains, sprains, back injuries, along with spinal injuries. Moreover, if the solar panels gain an excessive amount of sun exposure, they can quickly heat up and cause burns. 

In order to avoid this, solar panels are lifted by two or more individuals in a safe manner. They are transported to different locations in mobile carts or forklifts. Additionally, the professional installers from a solar panel installation service makes sure to use cranes, hoists, and ladder-based winch systems. The panels are packages and adequately covered, in order to avoid the possibility of harm and overheating. 

Prevention of Shocks 

The PV systems in solar panels include various parts that conduct electricity. When these components are live with electricity flowing through them, electric shock and arc-flash can be passed on to the worker. These injuries can take place in the condition of minimal sunlight as well. The electricity emerges from two main sources. The current passes through when the solar array absorbs the light, which leads the PV system to produce the power. As a result, it is imperative for workers to take this factor into account, so it can be avoided. 

In order to avoid this issue, a professional installation company, such as USA Solar Power, makes sure to cover the solar array with an opaque sheet to prevent direct contact with the sunlight. Additionally, the wiring emerging from the solar PV array is treated with caution. A circuit test is conducted to certify that they are de-energized prior to being worked upon.

There are a number of risks involved in the installation of solar panel systems. Therefore, it is essential to hire a reliable and experienced facility to execute this task. If you are in the search for a service provider that prioritizes safety while offering solar battery storage for homes, explore the services of USA Solar Power. 

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