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How does solar Battery Storage System Work?

Solar battery storage systems

How does solar Battery Storage System Work?

The solar system is a new trending technology, which can upgrade your home because of its amazing functions. With a solar panel system installed, you can take advantage of numerous benefits, such as reduced electric bills, the increased value of a home, as well as the environmental benefits.  Essentially, solar panel systems comprise of a battery, which stores the energy. 

Working on the solar battery storage system 

Solar battery storage systems work to convert the DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). The DC current comes from your solar panels and AC is used, which can be saved for the future. The storage of the system highly depends upon your batteries. The more your battery’s capacity, the longer it can take to charge. However, with a large battery capacity, you can also benefit from more saved power. During the daylight, solar system batteries start charging by electricity generation by the solar. The software system of batteries must be intelligent to use algorithms to coordinate solar production, which usually considers the history of usage, utility rate structures and also weather patterns. This helps in optimizing the power when batteries need to use the stored energy. 

There is always a question by the clients, how much batteries do we need for our home’s solar panel system? If you are planning to use a solar PV array, then you need only one or two batteries. It has sufficient power still during nighttime when your solar panels are not generating any energy. However, if you use any local batteries, you may need 3 batteries or more than that to supply electricity to your entire houses for 24 hours. 

Life of batteries of solar panels

The solar system completely depends upon two things: solar panels and its batteries. Solar panels will remain the same for life but batteries get weak. Essentially,  home solar system batteries remain best in between 5 to 20 years. After that, they start getting weaker. In fact, some of the solar system manufacturers and suppliers guarantee that your solar system will not make any problem, even if its battery will work after almost 30 years from the date of purchase. 

Extend the battery life of your home’s solar storage system. 

You can extend your battery life by using such tips:

1) You need to rotate your batteries. If you have a large bank of batteries, rotate the batteries within the bank periodically. 

2) Always try to use large cables to interconnect your batteries.

3) Properly charge your batteries 

4) Allow gassing or boiling process for batteries. 

5) Remember the importance of battery equalization is very important. 

In a nutshell, the battery storage of home solar panels works by storing the excess solar energy coming from the PV system for night time usage. Although, storage systems keep your home’s operations running in the unfortunate case of power outages and help reduce dependence on grid supply. Home solar storage batteries start working when the sun begins to move in a North direction, normally around 9 am. When this happens, your home’s solar system battery will start charging. 

The solar system is completely fender on sunshine. If there is limited sunshine, your solar panels will not be able to produce as much power as your home needs. However, at night, your system will not be able to produce any energy at all. If you have a battery, your home can use the energy that your panels have previously created and stored. 

Make sure to hire a reliable solar system installation company for safe, secure and dependable installation. Get in touch with USA Solar Power to learn more about solar panel systems. 

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